Saturday, November 08, 2008

They Aren't All Pool Boys You Know

NaBloPoMo Day Eight:
They Aren't All Pool Boys You Know

Today's post is up over at San Diego Blog Bitches.

Click on over and meet my law-school chum, Kirk. You'll totally lurve him. And he's hawt, even if he isn't black.


Amber M. said...

I just finished reading your last post and all the comments and I can barely type 'cuz I'm laughing so hard. I'm seriously not cool enough to read your blog:-) Seriously.

I did get a good Obama schooling by a nice black dude on the bus in DC on Wednesday morning. Don't worry, he very kindly set me straight. Is there a better place for a conservative to be than on a bus in DC (where Obama got 83% of the vote) the morning after Election day 2008?? I think NOT.

Sarah J Clark said...

Are lawyers supposed to have a hilarious sense of humor like you?

I'm just waiting for Blogs of Note to pick you up....

g said...

Hi, Cheri - I love that you visited my baloney post!! I left an answer to your question about Pinks in the comments section.